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NAF Technology

At NAF Trained and highly experienced operators, calibrated dyes and latest machinery enable us to produce instruments within required precision limit, which is further assured by Quality Assurance Inspection to ensure the quality according to the international quality standards.




This critical process is carried out on red-hot steel cuttings (at 800 to 1000C), which are hammered by a Hot Forging Hammer (50-300tons). Process is executed by Highly skilled personnel under strict process control conditions. After Trimming, Straightening and Quality Assurance Inspection, the instruments are sent to “Milling and Filing departments” for further run




At NAF transformation of Skills and Experiences of the forefathers regarding Filing and Shaping of the instruments transcend us to produce The Piece of Art”. After being filed, the well refined “milling” becomes the ultimate process to beautify the instruments “of course with the involvement of latest machinery and expertise manpower”. After completion of filing process, instruments are heat treated to get the required level of hardness




Different kind of Belts and Grinding Wheels are used to get the desired results of Product’s Outlook. Scissors and all other Cutting Instruments also undergo the Edge Grinding Process. Samples, work instructions and workmanship criteria are the vital tools to incorporate the truth worthy customers’ entire requirements in this process.  




Each and every instrument is checked in its smooth movement, functional and polishing requirement by the Quality Controllers. Our experience of past training, quality planning and strict quality control gives us the required level of Valued Customer’s Satisfaction. After Quality Control Inspection the instruments are then rebuffed for ultra better results.

Imported (high tech) machinery, trained operators and process of validation are used in the instrument cleaning process to get the required results of cleanliness.




Product friendly environmental conditions in the packing area, calibrated tools, testing instructions, highly experienced and trained quality assurance inspectors carryout this process for final inspection in order to ensure the entire conformance to Customers’ satisfaction. Each and every instrument is then judged by these inspectors with an eye of Internal Customer. Packaging is always done as per instructions of Valued Customer’s.

After packaging, each carton is labeled with customer’s identification along with the details of packed contents and is sent to dispatch room with shipping document for each shipment that is ready for dispatch.